Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bottles from Erwin, Tenn. and Greenville, Tenn.

From time to time I will pick up what I call Semi-Local Bottles, which are bottles that don't exactly fit into my area, but are in neighboring areas. Usually these will be bottles I happen to find interesting for one reason or another. First up is one from the town of Greenville, Tennessee, it is a Kist Beverages bottle from 1951. Kist was a national brand flavor line much in the vein of Nehi. The reason I picked up this bottle was that the bottling company that produced the brand actually distributed and advertised it in Kingsport, Tennessee, which is in my area.

A 1951 Kist Beverages bottle from the Greenville Kist Bottling Company of Greenville, Tennessee.

The 1950 ad from the Kingsport Times advertising Kist's Chocolate drink.
Another East Tennessee town with a bottler was Erwin, Tennessee this bottling company was actually a fairly early bottler in the area which had lasted for at least twenty to thirty years before they were producing the bottle shown below. Julep beverages was also an older national flavor line brand dating from the teens.

A 1943 Julep Full Flavor Beverages 12oz bottle.

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